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    Introduction to RevMan: trainers' materials (Restricted)

    This set of training materials about using Review Manager (RevMan) software can be used in your ... workshops and adapted to your needs.  Review Manager (RevMan) is the software developed by Cochrane to ... support preparing and maintaining systematic reviews. This presentation provides a very brief ...
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    Good practice resources for new Cochrane authors

    application in the guideline development process. The GRADE Handbook can be found here: ... consult some good practice resources. Below you can find brief descriptions and links to the key ... The Cochrane Handbook is the official document that describes the process of preparing and maintaining ...
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    Cochrane Standards for conduct and reporting of new reviews of interventions

    reporting of systematic reviews. To maintain this position and to ensure the consistency across all Cochrane ... Review Groups, Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) have been developed ... where the standards for the conduct and reporting of new reviews of interventions can ...
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    PDF versions of individual Chapters (Restricted)

    information on developments for this version are on the main Handbook page. The new chapters replace the ... Chapter 2: Planning and preparation of a Cochrane review [PDF] Chapter 3: Maintaining reviews: updates, ... Chapter 5: Defining the review question and developing criteria for including studies ...