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    Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews: a pathway

    Systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) summarize the evidence about test accuracy. Ideally, they also investigate why the results may vary among studies, compare the performance of alternative tests, and help the reader to put the evidence i ...
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    This collection of learning resources covers Cochrane's plagiarism policies and explains how editorial teams can use the Crosscheck software to identify possible plagiarism. Introduction to Cochrane's plagiarism policy Video CrossCheck basic dem ...
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    Standard training materials

    This set of fourteen powerpoints are part of the standard 'Introduction to writing a Cochrane review' workshop, and introduce the core methods used by most Cochrane systematic reviews of interventions. The presentations have been developed by Co ...
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    Core software for Cochrane Reviews

    Cochrane has software tools to support every stage of the review production process. Review Manager 5 (RevMan 5) is the main software used for preparing Cochrane Protocols and Reviews. It allows you to prepare the text, build tables showing the characteri ...
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    Cochrane Interactive Learning: course for new and experienced systematic review authors

    Developed by world-leading experts, this course provides over 10 hours of self-directed learning on the complete systematic review process for both new and experienced review authors. Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews Interactive mod ...
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    Cochrane for consumers: a pathway

    This series of online learning resources offer consumers an introduction to Cochrane and its research work.  They will help you get you started if you are an individual healthcare consumer, a consumer advocate, or an interested newcomer to the world of re ...
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    GRADE approach to evaluating the quality of evidence: a pathway

    Assessing the quality of the body of evidence is a mandatory item in the Methodological standards for the conduct of new Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR). GRADE is the Cochrane’s recommended approach for grading the quality of evidence and the streng ...