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    Introduction to RevMan – a guided tour

    This is a recorded webinar with Matt Page, a trainer from Cochrane Australia, on how to use Review Manager (RevMan). RevMan is the free software used to write a Cochrane review. With RevMan, you can draft text, run statistical analysis, manage references ...
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    Core software for Cochrane Reviews

    Cochrane has software tools to support every stage of the review production process. Review Manager 5 (RevMan 5) is the main software used for preparing Cochrane Protocols and Reviews. It allows you to prepare the text, build tables showing the characteri ...
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    Managing Editor Support

    Managing Editors (MEs) of Cochrane Review Groups bear the lion’s share of the burden of Cochrane Reviews’ production. The Cochrane Editorial Unit (CEU) provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to MEs in all aspects of their role within a ...
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    Introducción a RevMan

    English Review Manager (RevMan) es un software desarrollado por Cochrane para apoyar el mantenimiento y la preparación de las revisiones sistemáticas. Esta presentación proporciona una breve introducción a sus características, pensada para acompañarse con ...
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    Downloadable files

    How to download RevMan data files from the Cochrane Library

    This resource includes handy 'how to' instructions for trainers on downloading RevMan data files from the Cochrane Library. Did you know that the data files can be downloaded in RevMan format from all published Cochrane reviews? This can be usef ...
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    Cochrane Register of Studies and importing references in RevMan

    This webinar, which was part of the Cochrane Learning Live programme, demonstrates the web version of the Cochrane Register of Studies, and how this can be used to import references to RevMan from Cochrane, either via EndNote or directly.   Presented by S ...