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    Creating a ‘Summary of findings’ table without importing data from RevMan

    ‘Summary of findings’ tables provide a summary of findings for each of the included outcomes and the quality of evidence rating for each outcome in a quick and accessible format, without details of the judgements about the quality of evidence. They are in ...
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    GRADE approach to evaluating the quality of evidence: a pathway

    Assessing the quality of the body of evidence is a mandatory item in the Methodological standards for the conduct of new Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR). GRADE is the Cochrane’s recommended approach for grading the quality of evidence and the streng ...
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    Review Manager (RevMan) – useful links and materials

    Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department (IKMD) is responsible for maintaining and developing the Review Manager (RevMan), the main software support in conducting Cochrane Reviews. IKMD has prepared a set of links and materials to help you ...
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    Guide to collaborating online

    Cochrane is a geographically diverse organization and many teams work together across time zones and in varying technological environments. This resources provides an overview of user-friendly online collaboration tools that will help you organize activit ...
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    Entering data with the RevMan calculator

    This resource is a series of short screencasts produced by the Cochrane UK to help you understand how the calculator in Review Manager (RevMan) software can be used to help putting together a Cochrane systematic review. The first video shows how to check ...
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    Downloadable files

    RevMan Calculator

    RevMan provides a useful calculator tool to assist in data entry of dichotomous, continuous and generic inverse variance outcome types. An additional calculator tool in Excel format is available that performs many of the same functions for dichotomous and ...
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    CrossCheck basic demo

    This webinar gives a brief overview of CrossCheck. This recorded webinar is part of a series providing information and training on plagiarism and CrossCheck (the software that detects text matching). Access CrossCheck Load up a document for text matching ...
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    CrossCheck reports

    This webinar gives a brief introduction to CrossCheck reports. This recorded webinar is part of a series providing information and training on plagiarism and CrossCheck (the software that detects text matching). Publishing a review Policies and Ethics Sof ...
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    This collection of learning resources covers Cochrane's plagiarism policies and explains how editorial teams can use the Crosscheck software to identify possible plagiarism. Introduction to Cochrane's plagiarism policy Video CrossCheck basic dem ...
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    Introduction to GRADE and GRADEpro GDT

    The following video clips are the first part of a webinar delivered as part of the Cochrane Learning Live programme. The webinar was presented by  Dr Nancy Santesso  from the Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics at McMaster University i ...