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The ALOIS Community Volunteer Project is for anyone with an interest to get involved in an online information gathering task that contributes to the production of Cochrane Reviews.

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The ALOIS Community Volunteer Project tests the feasibility of recruiting anyone with an interest and an internet connection to a genuine Cochrane online information gathering task, vital to the production of high-quality, up-to-date systematic reviews. The theory behind the project is that having interested and motivated laypeople actively involved in real Cochrane work could be a more powerful engagement tool than disseminating reviews or teaching critical appraisal skills.

The ALOIS Community has now developed into an exciting citizen science and crowd-sourcing initiative, investigating whether this people-power principle can be used to engage and involve other important interest groups, such as schoolchildren.

The ALOIS team are working hard to develop a larger portfolio of educational online tasks related to the production of systematic reviews across all healthcare areas. There is huge potential in using technology to facilitate the contribution of much larger numbers of people in the important work of Cochrane in producing up-to-date and patient-relevant systematic reviews. This sort of “learning through doing” could prove to be an extremely powerful way of engaging people, and building up their knowledge of and enthusiasm for fair tests of treatments in a short space of time.

The orginal ALOIS engagement project was funded by the National Institute of Health Research in the UK, and run by the Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group, based at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, UK.  

Remember, if you'd like more information and support, and to make contact with other consumers, find out more from the Cochrane Consumer Network (CCNet)