Testing Treatments interactive


How do you know whether one treatment is better than another, or whether the evidence about a treatment’s benefits and harms is reliable? Does current research address what you want to know? If not, what can you do to make treatment research more relevant to you?

Testing Treatments (TTi) is for patients, health professionals and anyone else who is interested in these questions. It will help you to understand the importance of having fair tests of the effects of treatments, and how you can help make them a reality.

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Learn more about why it is important to test treatments carefully
  • Recognise reliable research
  • Understand what you can do to help make sure that research is more likely to be relevant to you and others

Editorial team: Iain Chalmers, Paul Glasziou, Amanda Burls, Douglas Badenoch, Ben Goldacre