7.3 Module text

The module text contains information about the Group. It includes:

  • the Group’s contact details
  • the names of the editorial team
  • the Group’s latest publications
  • information about the Group’s editorial process
  • information about the Group’s methodologies

The module is accessed and edited through Archie. It is published monthly on the Cochrane Library in the 'About' database.

There are plans to move the text to each Group’s website. Some Groups have already done this, so you should check the status of the module with your Managing Editor. Depending on the way your Group operates, Cochrane Information Specialists can be responsible for updating all or some the following sections of the module:

  • Methods used in reviews
    • Access to specialised register by authors
    • Additional search strategies
  • Specialized register
    • Inclusion criteria
    • Electronic searches
    • Handsearching
  • Other search strategies
  • Planned searching activities

7.3.1 Editing the module

The module is located under 'Resources' in the 'Documents' folder of each entity.

To edit a module you must first check it out from Archie. To check out the module, right-click the module and select ‘Edit’.

Checking out opens the module in an online editor where changes can be entered and saved.