Разработка Кокрейновского обзора: введение: trainers' materials

This set of training materials that introduce writing a Cochrane Review can be used in your workshops and adapted to your needs. 

This presentation gives an introduction to writing a Cochrane Review, beginning with an explanation about the origins, mission and aims of Cochrane and an overview of how the organisation is structured. The presentation gives guidance on the logistics of getting started with writing a Cochrane systematic review, explaining why Cochrane uses systematic reviews and what their key features are. It can be downloaded as a PowerPoint presentation for your own training purposes. 

These resources have been translated into several languages. Select an available language from the left of this page.

A downloadable content map includes references for trainers as to where accompanying material is available (such as reference to appropriate sections in the Cochrane Handbook).

The policy on using standard training materials is available here.

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Summarise the mission and aims of Cochrane, and how it is structured
  • Assess why Cochrane uses systematic review methodology
  • Explain the key features of a Cochrane Review
  • Prepare an introductory training session on writing a Cochrane Review
Author information: 
Cumpston, Miranda

Составлено Мирандой Кампстон (Miranda Cumpston)
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