Advanced GRADE Workshop - Grading Evidence and Recommendation: Freiburg, Germany

Workshop language: German

For healthcare professionals who use the GRADE system or healthcare professionals who have already attended the basic GRADE workshop.


- To understand publications in English.

- Basic knowledge of critical appraisal of clinical trials.

- Personal laptop to work with the GRADEpro software.

- Experience in applying the GRADE system.


- To understand how the GRADE methodology provides an appropriate approach that includes the requirement for a simple and manageable system as well as the need for a broad integration of all important aspects of decision making.

- To understand and apply the GRADEpro software.

- To create evidence profiles on the base of systematic reviews, clinical guidelines or HTA-reports using the GRADE methodology.

- To create several evidence profiles.

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Cochrane Germany

Institut für Mineralogie, Albertstraße 23b, 79104 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Course fee:

450 €

Contact and information:

Katharina Kunzweiler