Advanced GRADE Workshop: Grading Evidence and Recommendation - Freiburg, Germany

This course, organised by the Institute for Evidence in Medicine in cooperation with the Cochrane Germany Foundation, is for health care professionals who use the GRADE system or health care professionals who have already attended the basic GRADE workshop. The workshop language is German.


- To understand publications in English.
- Basic knowledge of critical appraisal of clinical trials.
- Personal laptop to work with the GRADEpro software.
- Experience in applying the GRADE system.


- To understand how the GRADE methodology provides an appropriate approach that includes the requirement for a simple and manageable system as well as the need for a broad integration of all important aspects of decision making.
- To understand and apply the GRADEpro software.
- To create evidence profiles on the base of systematic reviews, clinical guidelines or HTA-reports using the GRADE methodology.
- To create several evidence profiles.

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Location: Elsässer Str. 2o, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany