Branding your webinar

Give your webinar a new look! GoToWebinar allows you to customize the brand and upload images to your webinar to give it a more personalized look. To do this:

1. Go to "My Webinar" page and select the webinar you wish to manage.

2. Select " Manage webinar" page and click Edit next to "Branding and themes".

3. Use the options to do the following:

  • Logo: Upload your own logo to increase attendee response rates.
  • Custom image: Upload an image to customize your theme.
  • Theme: Select a look and feel for the session.
  • Welcome message: Create a message that will automatically be sent to attendees once they join the session.
  • List presenters in the waiting room: If desired, add information about and/or a picture of the presenter that attendees will see as they are waiting for the session to begin.