CINeMA – Confidence in Network meta-analysis

There is a need to evaluate the credibility of network meta-analysis evidence in a systematic way. The CINeMA (Confidence in Network Meta-analysis) framework has been developed to judge the confidence that can be placed in results obtained from a network meta-analysis by adapting and extending the GRADE domains (study limitations, inconsistency, indirectness, imprecision and publication bias). The system is transparent and applicable to any network structure.

In this Cochrane Learning Live session, Georgia Salanti and Theodore Papakonstantinou from the CINeMA development team will introduce the methodology and demonstrate the user-friendly web application for simplifying and speeding-up the process.

The webinar will be of particular interest to reviewers undertaking network meta-analysis, and editors evaluating network meta-analysis submissions.  You will learn more about the mothodology and there will be chance to see the web application itself. The link to the web application and an example dataset will be shared ahead of the webinar.

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Wednesday 18th October 11.00 UTC [check the time in your time zone] **Webinar full. Edited video and other materials to follow**