Cochrane Methods Training Event 2016

Cochrane GRADE workshop:  Assessing confidence in evidence of effectiveness and qualitative evidence: the GRADE effectiveness and GRADE-CERQual (Confidence in the Evidence from Reviews of Qualitative research) approaches.

Venue: Modena, Italy


  • GRADE effectiveness: Holger Schunemann and two other trainers from the GRADE Working Group   
  • GRADE-CERQual: Claire Glenton, Heather Munthe-Kaas, Jane Noyes (to be confirmed)

Synopsis:  Assessing the quality of the body of evidence using a tool such as the GRADE approach, and justifying these assessments, is mandatory within the Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) standards. This workshop for editors and staff of Cochrane Review Groups aims to deepen participants’ understanding of the GRADE approach and to provide practical experience of applying the approach to two different streams of evidence: evidence from systematic reviews of the effectiveness of interventions and evidence from systematic reviews of qualitative evidence (also called qualitative evidence syntheses).

The workshop will cover how to conduct GRADE assessments, how to justify these assessments and how to present evidence and GRADE assessments in Summaries of Findings tables. We will also consider briefly how different types of evidence (and their GRADE assessments) complement one another and the use of effectiveness evidence and qualitative evidence in Evidence-to-Decision frameworks and other tools to facilitate use of evidence in decision making.

For further information please follow the following link and download the flyer.

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