Workshop on meta-analysis

Cochrane Sweden is pleased to announce a 16-hour workshop on meta-analysis over 3 days. The workshop will take place on 26th, 27th and 28th of October and will be conducted over Zoom to open up the possibility of allowing more participants to join.  

We have invited three researchers and statisticians from different Cochrane Groups to guide the participants through basic steps in creating, interpreting and exploring a meta-analysis as well as going in to more advanced statistical methods related to meta-analysis. For the practical application and exercises with forest plots, we will use the free program RevMan5. The workshop will be conducted in English. 

Content (both lectures, discussions and group work): 

  • Estimating relative treatment effects 
  • Data extraction issues 
  • Performing and interpreting meta-analyses in RevMan5
  • Identifying and measuring heterogeneity and strategies for addressing heterogeneity
  • Performing and interpreting sub-group analyses
  • Advanced issues – generic inverse variance meta-analysis; using ordinal, counts and rates, time-to-event data 
  • Using calculator in RevMan 5 to its full capacity
  • Random or fixed effect models
  • Advanced issues - multi-arm studies, cluster-randomised, cross-over studies, non-randomized studies 
  • Imputing missing data, converting relative treatment effects  


  • Chris Rose is a statistician at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet). He is a statistical editor for the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care (EPOC) review group and supports its systematic reviewers around the world. He has a PhD in statistical modelling (University of Manchester) and holds Chartered Statistician status with the UK’s Royal Statistical Society.
  • Ana Jeroncic is a Statistical Editor at Cochrane Oral Health review group, and a Professor of Biostatistics and Research Methodology. She is a member of the Statistical Specialists Network of the European network for Health Technology Assessment and serves as a research methodology and statistical expert for the scientific advice at European Medicines Agency. 
  • Chris Cates is an Emeritus Reader at St George’s, University of London and has previously worked as the co-ordinating editor of the Cochrane Airways Review Group and trainer at Cochrane UK. Chris has also worked in primary care as a GP in Hertfordshire for 23 years. You can explore his articles related to statistics within systematic reviews for free from  


  • The workshop is mainly aimed at people doing systematic reviews that will be used in decision-making and who need additional knowledge and skills of how to create, use and evaluate meta-analyses, including interest in learning more advanced methods.  


  • Knowledge about systematic review methodology according to the Cochrane Methodology (e.g PICO, Risk of Bias, GRADE etc.)  
  • Basic knowledge about statistics related to meta-analysis (e.g knowledge about forest plots and interpretation of results from forest plots) 
  • Have previously or are currently doing evidence syntheses using meta-analysis 
  • Be comfortable using Zoom.


  • 26th of October will be in class from morning until approx 15.00 Swedish time (including lunch break). Afternoon open to home assignment.  
  • 27th of October will be dedicated to an individual home assignment (maximum of 4 hours). A small time slot during the day will be dedicated to asking questions from the facilitators related to the homework.  
  • 28th of October will be in class from morning until approx 15.00 Swedish time (including lunch break).  

A definitive schedule will be sent out closer to the workshop, but set aside the 26th and 28th as well as a few hours of 27th in your calendars.  


  • The fee for the workshop will be 3.000 SEK (additional VAT might apply for people participating outside Sweden). 
  • If admitted to the workshop, we will send out additional details for payment.  


  • The workshop is limited to approx 20 participants in order to be interactive and to facilitate questions. 
  • If the workshop is booked up very fast, we will have to limit the number of participants from the same institution. If that is the case, we will reach out to all in the same institution after the application time has ended to solve this. We do this in order to reach as many organizations and institutions as possible. 
  • You can register by going to this link and submitting your information.
  • Please note that you will not receive a confirmation message when registering. We will reach out to you when the application is closed to confirm your registration. 

Workshop resources: 

  • RevMan 5, with the latest update. You can download it for free here
  • Cochrane Handbook. You can download it for free here.
  • Zoom. You can download the Zoom-client here


  • Before the course, you will need to do some limited preparations. They will be sent out when you are accepted to the workshop.