Completing a Cochrane Systematic Review - Bagayam, Vellore: India

To provide protected time and resource persons to facilitate

  • Completion of systematic reviews- for authors who already have accepted or published protocols for Cochrane or non-Cochrane systematic reviews
  • Updating Cochrane Systematic Reviews- for authors who are in the process of updating previously published systematic reviews with new search results.

Who may attend?

  • Authors who have protocols for their of Cochrane systematic review accepted for publication by the relevant Cochrane Review Group or published in The Cochrane Library.
  • Authors who have published protocols for their non-Cochrane systematic reviews 
  • Authors have received the search results and obtained relevant PDF or hard copies of the studies for inclusionfor the review.
  • Authors who wish to update their Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Who need not apply to attend?

  • People who do not satisfy the above criteria
  • Those who wish to know more about Evidence-Based Healthcare and systematic reviews may attend our workshop on ‘Introduction to Evidence-Informed Healthcare (see for details as they become available).
  • Those who wish to start on a systematic review may attend out Protocol Development workshop.

Duration: 5 days. Schedule for the year 2017 to be announced in a few weeks time. Please keep checking for further details.

Cost: INR 5000/- Indian Rupees Five Thousand only  per person for healthcare professionals from educational and healthcare institutes.

INR 10000/- Indian Rupees Ten Thousand only  per person for industry sponsored participants. 

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