Component network meta-analysis: concepts and insights

Network meta-analysis is a statistical method that allows for comparing three or more interventions in a single framework, by synthesizing direct and indirect evidence from multiple studies which address the same scientific question. Healthcare interventions are often complex (or multicomponent), comprising multiple, possibly interacting, components. While NMA focuses on estimating intervention effects, component NMA (CNMA) disentangles the effect of each component.

In this web clinic, Sofia Tsokani will introduce CNMA and discuss its benefits and limitations.

Presenter Bio

Sofia Tsokani is a Statistics Editor in Cochrane’s Methods Support Unit. She is a biostatistician with a PhD obtained from the University of Ioannina in Greece. Her PhD studies focused on evidence synthesis methods, with an emphasis on meta-analysis and network meta-analysis of diagnostic tests. She has worked as a research associate in biostatistics prior to joining MSU; during this time, she was involved in several methodological and empirical projects, mainly in the field of network meta-analysis. Her research interests encompass systematic reviews, and statistical modelling for meta-analysis and network meta-analysis of both interventions and diagnostic tests.

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