Core principles for dissemination: Introducing Cochrane’s new Dissemination Checklist

Presenting a Cochrane review in a format in which target users find engaging and helps them understand the findings, is important to support the use of Cochrane evidence in decision making. Whether you are developing a Plain Language Summary, blogshot, podcast, infographic or policy brief, the Dissemination Checklist will help review the core dissemination principles to help make great products for knowledge translation.

This webinar will introduce Cochrane’s new Dissemination Checklist, developed to support people producing (or who want to produce) dissemination products across Cochrane.

The webinar will:

  • Briefly review the items contained within the checklist
  • Identify how the checklist can be used in practice
  • Provide information about further support and resources available to support dissemination.

There will also be time to ask questions about the checklist.

Presenter Bios

Claire Glenton has carried out research and development work on the dissemination of Cochrane reviews for the last 20 years. Claire is director of Cochrane Norway, an EPOC review editor, EPOC’s plain language summary editor, and a co-author of several Cochrane reviews.

Sarah Rosenbaum is a designer and researcher at the Centre for Informed Health Choices at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. She explores people’s experience of synthesized evidence and uses those findings to improve dissemination formats. She has co-developed summary of findings tables, plain language summaries format, and more recently sketches for a new format for Cochrane Reviews.

Stephanie Lagosky has experience practicing knowledge translation in a variety of settings, working with researchers, patients/consumers, clinicians and policy makers. At Cochrane, she is working on projects to help build internal capacity for people in the organization to do knowledge translation.

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