Covidence webinar: Cochrane's new online tool for streamlined review production

Covidence is Cochrane’s new online systematic review production platform, and was selected by Cochrane to become the standard platform for Cochrane Reviews.  Covidence supports import and deduplication of citations, title and abstract and full text screening, risk of bias assessment and data extraction, and export of data directly into RevMan or Excel.

This webinar, which is part of the Cochrane Learning Live series, will be a walk-through of Covidence’s features by Anneliese Arno, Community Manager at Covidence.  This hour long webinar will appeal to anyone with an interest in Covidence and its features, including new and experienced authors and editors.  There's no need for expertise beyond a basic understanding of steps in a review.

Anneliese's presentation will be followed by an opportunity for questions.  Time-permitting, there will also be an interactive discussion of what support would be most useful to editors and review groups.

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There are two sessions being offered for this webinar:

Tuesday 1st March 9.00 UTC  [check the time in your time zone] - SIGN UP HERE

Tuesday 1st March 15.00 UTC  [check the time in your time zone] - SIGN UP HERE