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    Introductory webinar for Managing Editors on using the CrossCheck plagiarism software

    This webinar introduces the CrossCheck plagiarism software. It gives an overview of how CrossCheck can be used to support detection of plagiarism, as well as how it operates.  The webinar is also available as a PDF download. Summarise the purpose of plagi ...
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    Cochrane Trainers' Network

    Members of the Trainers' Network can access resources just for trainers on this site, including downloadable presentations and additional resources to support face-to-face training. Resources for members of the Trainers' Network: Standard Traini ...
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    Policy on using standard training materials

    Training materials approved by the Cochrane Methods Board are made available on this website for members of the Cochrane Trainers' Network. This policy explains how they should be used, which aspects of the materials you can modify, and when you shou ...
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    Introduction to RevMan

    Review Manager (RevMan) is the software developed by Cochrane to support preparing and maintaining systematic reviews. This presentation provides a very brief introduction to its features, intending to be followed up with hands-on experience. It also desc ...
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    Cochrane Information Specialists' Handbook

    This Handbook was updated by Anne Littlewood and Charlene Bridges, Cochrane Information Specialist Support Team, 2017. We acknowledge the earlier contribution to this document of: Liz Doney (Cochrane Information Specialist Support Team / Cochrane Skin Gro ...
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    What can equity do for you?

    Equity issues are an important element in health interventions, influencing the selection of health problems to be addressed, and modifying the effects of the interventions we use. The following recorded webinar explores some of the ways in which equity i ...
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    Archie for Cochrane Review Groups

    The Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department (IKMD) provides resources to support Cochrane Review Groups in their use of Archie. Their website provides user guides and information on 'publish-when-ready' procedures, as well as co ...
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    Introduction to Archie

    Archie is the Cochrane's central server for managing documents and contact details. Archie is an internet-based repository containing information about contributors to Cochrane and all the documents and reviews produced. Within Archie it is possible ...
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    Introducción al desarrollo de una revisión Cochrane

    Esta presentación proporciona una introducción sobre el trabajo en Cochrane, incluido el funcionamiento de la organización, el propósito y las características principales de las revisiones Cochrane. Más adelante, repasa la logística necesaria para comenza ...
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    Elaboración de un protocolo

    Antes de cada revisión Cochrane es importante planificar los métodos cuidadosamente y para hacerlo se redacta y acuerda un protocolo. Los protocolos son un componente necesario de una revisión Cochrane y están diseñados para evitar la duplicación y reduci ...