Developing our international PPI evidence base through high quality reporting: The evolution and use of GRIPP2

This is the latest webinar from the International PPI Network & Learning Live series, and is dedicated to the topic of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in health and social care research. This webinar will outline where we are and how we arrived here when it comes to developing the PPI evidence base through high quality reporting. It will also explore where we may be heading – including different perspectives and some challenging views on the uses and the users of the GRIPP2 tool. GRIPP2 is international, evidence based, consensus-informed guidance for reporting patient and public involvement in research. You can read more here.

This one hour session will start with a 15 minute presentation by Sophie Staniszewska as the academic who led the development of GRIPP2. It will then be followed by a 15 minute presentation by Richard Stephens who will reflect on GRIPP2 as a journal editor and also as a patient involved in research studies. There will also be a Q&A session to discuss future development and trends. The session is freely open to everyone.

PPI is a rapidly growing, important global movement aspiring to produce better and more relevant research resulting in services and treatments that patients and the public need. For this reason, a number of organisations and individuals came together to form the International PPI Network. We are pleased to be joined throughout the series by leading experts in this field, and you can find out more about each session in the series and access the webinar recordings here.

Presenter Bios

Sophie Staniszewska, Professor of Patient and Public Involvement and Experiences of Care, Warwick Medical School, England. Sophie leads a programme of research focused on developing the evidence base of patient and public involvement and engagement. She is Co-editor in Chief of the BMC Springer Nature journal Research Involvement and Engagement, alongside Richard Stephens.

Richard Stephens, Patient Advocate. Richard is in his third decade as a patient advocate involved in research, spanning individual studies through to strategic bodies in the UK and Europe. His professional careers have included teaching, journalism, local government and social housing.

Richard Morley, Chair, Cochrane's Consumer Engagement Officer.

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