Editorial policy update: rejecting Cochrane Reviews and the appeals process

The editorial policies on rejecting Cochrane Reviews and protocols for Cochrane Reviews, and the appeals process have recently been included in the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource. This webinar will highlight the changes and discuss how to apply them in practice with practical examples. A demonstration on how to implement decisions in Archie and RevMan will also be included. There will be time for questions.

Primary audience is Managing Editors, Assistant Managing Editors,  Contact Editors of Cochrane reviews, Co-ordinating Editors, and other Editors. Authors may be interested in learning more about the updated policies.

Presenters bio:

Bryony Urquhart, PhD, is an Editor in the Cochrane Editorial Unit, supporting Cochrane Review Groups by developing and implementing editorial policies that support the production of high quality Cochrane Reviews.

Anupa Shah is a member of the Managing Editor Support team, and Managing Editor of Cochrane Eyes and Vision.

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