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    4. Maintaining and developing a Specialised Register

    The aim of searching for Specialised Registers (SR) is to identify as many studies that are ... Chapter 7: "Searching for Studies" The ways in which Groups maintain, develop and populate their ... register may differ. Where, ...
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    Chapter 4: Searching for and selecting studies

    provides guidance on how to search MEDLINE and Embase for reports of trials. The actual degree of reference ... searches of multiple databases is warranted. The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials ... Cochrane Reviews of interventions ...
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    Chapter 22: Prospective approaches to accumulating evidence

    Cochrane Register of Studies, which can then be searched more efficiently for future reviews. The system ... al 2016). 3) Liaise with trialists to develop and maintain a detailed understanding of these trials ... using an abbreviated search ...
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    3.5 Using the CRS to find clinical trials

    information specialists can search the trials registers of other Cochrane Groups. Records also come into the ... different sources. One route is the specialised registers maintained by all the groups, and all Cochrane ... The CRS ...
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    2. Specialised Registers

    develop and maintain Specialised Registers, and publish records to the Cochrane Central Register of ... A Specialised Register contains reports of controlled trials within the scope of a Review Group or ... Field. The development ...
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    4.S1 Technical Supplement to Chapter 4: Searching for and selecting studies

    initiatives have led to the development of and recommendations to search trials registers. The International ... to search them can be found on a website developed in 2009 by two of the co-authors of this chapter ...
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    3. The Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS)

    specialised trials registers maintained by CISs are stored and managed within the CRS. It is a ‘meta-register ... that have been added to the Group’s specialised register. The Review Group can use their segment to ...
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    Chapter 3: Defining the criteria for including studies and how they will be grouped for the synthesis

    3.2.a Factors to consider when developing criteria for ‘Types of participants’ How is the ... delivered, where it is delivered, when and how much is delivered, and whether the intervention can be adapted ... and dose. 5. Decide how to group interventions with multiple ...
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    1. Role of a Cochrane Information Specialist

    Cochrane Information Specialists also develop and maintain a Specialised Register for their group (either ... This can be done in a variety of ways: designing and/or running search strategies; ensuring search ... controlled trials ...
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    How RevMan Web can improve your experience of writing a systematic review

    how you can send in suggestions and join discussions to specify new features so that you can easily ... RevMan Web is a new web-based software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews. In these ... of using a web application, get a walk-through in the application and learn ...