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    10. Professional development

    Workshops and events Take advantage of any training courses of relevance that are provided at your editorial base. Check for events and training opportunities at your local Cochrane Centre’s annual meeting and at the annual Cochrane Colloquium. Cochrane s ...
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    2.1 The purpose of Specialised Registers

    The purpose of Specialised Registers is to: assemble a repository of reports of trials relating to the scope of a Review Group or Field provide a reliable pool of reports of trials for review authors which is easily retrievable share the content of indivi ...
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    2.6 Copyright and records marked for publication in CENTRAL

    Records in your register that are marked for publication will be published in CENTRAL in the Cochrane Library. We do not have blanket permission to republish all material gained from all bibliographic databases, or from other print and electronic media (e ...
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    3.1 Access to the CRS

    You will need a Cochrane Account username and password to access the CRS. The CRS is web-based, and can be found at Access to the CRS is restricted to Cochrane editorial base staff, however only staff with the role of Information Spec ...
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    3.2 Using the CRS in a Review Group

    Use of the CRS in Review Groups varies according to the Group’s processes. The CRS can be used for any or all of the following tasks, depending on the Group: 1.       To maintain a specialised register 2.       To manage searches for author teams 3.       ...
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    5.1 Who does handsearching?

    Individual Cochrane Information Specialists may carry out handsearching, while other CISs may be responsible for training and coordinating volunteers to do this. Handsearching varies from entity to entity so check with your Group (ME, Co-Ed) to see if you ...
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    5.2 Where and what to search

    Groups may have a number of sources that they regularly handsearch. To minimise duplication of effort, there is a list of journals that have already been handsearched, which includes dates of search and whether the search has been completed. This is avail ...
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    6.3 Diagnostic Test Accuracy review searching

    Authors of Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) reviews should be strongly encouraged to leave the management of DTA review searching to the Group’s Information Specialist. For detailed information about the design and structure of search strategies an ...
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    8.5 Task Exchange

    Task Exchange is a software platform with the aim of bringing together people who need assistance with some aspect of their Cochrane review, and people who have the time and expertise to help. Task Exchange allows you to: Browse a list of experts you can ...
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    8.4 RevMan

    To use RevMan, you will need to: download RevMan complete the RevMan tutorial (available through the RevMan file that you've downloaded) Cochrane Information Specialists often work with authors on their reviews and they may be responsible for checkin ...