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    Testing Treatments

    Testing Treatments Testing Treatments was written to address a fundamental healthcare question: ‘How do we ensure that research into medical treatments best meets the needs of patients?’  Because research often fails to answer this question, and because m ...
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    Cochrane methodology

    Cochrane methodology Cochrane Interactive Learning: Conducting an intervention review Online course GRADE approach Collection Common errors in reviews Learning module Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews Slidecast Network meta-analysis Collection Core m ...
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    Core software for Cochrane Reviews

    Core software for Cochrane Reviews RevMan 5 Collection RevMan Web Collection Covidence Collection EPPI-Reviewer Collection GRADEpro GDT Webinar ...
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    Editorial policies

    Welcome to Editorial policies Resources and training materials for Cochrane editorial and publishing policies Rejection and appeals Collection Updating Classification System Guidance Plagiarism Collection Peer review Collection Policy surgery- Q&A Gui ...
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    Consumer involvement

    Consumer involvement Teach yourself Cochrane Learning module A study suggests: the real research behind the headlines Learning module Strictly Cochrane: A quickstep around research and systematic reviews Learning module It's just a phase: a day in th ...
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    Review author starter kit

    Review author starter kit Proposing and registering new Cochrane Reviews Guidance Managing expectations between authors and review groups Guidance Good practice resources for new Cochrane authors Collection Glossary of terms relevant for Cochrane Reviews ...
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    GRADE approach

    GRADE approach GRADE is a systematic approach to rating the certainty of evidence in systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses. Introduction to GRADE Slidecast Incorporating GRADE in Cochrane Reviews Guidance Common errors in GRADE Learning module G ...
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    Core methods in non-English languages

    Core methods in non-English languages These materials have been developed for Cochrane trainers, specifically to be used in face-to-face workshops and other types of training. If you are a Cochrane trainer, you can download all the presentations, includin ...
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    Editorial processes

    Editorial processes   Peer review policy   [April 2018] Bryony Urquhart and Sally Bell-Syer, Cochrane Editorial and Methods Dept [click here for recording and accompanying materials] Editorial policy update: rejecting Cochrane Reviews and the appeals proc ...
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    Rejection and appeals

    Rejection and appeals Draft (unpublished) Cochrane reviews, protocols for Cochrane Reviews, and updates of Cochrane Reviews may be rejected by the Cochrane Review Groups at any point before publication. If authors disagree with an editorial decision, they ...