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  1. Learning with Cochrane: Discover what's new and what's upcoming

    13 March 2019
    This webinar is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning with Cochrane. Whether you are a systematic review author, an editor, a trainer, or a consumer – this session will have lots of interesting stuff to discover about Cochrane's new and upcom ...
  2. Introduction to the new Cochrane Equity Content Strategy

    19 February 2019
    Health equity is the absence of avoidable and unfair differences in health. Cochrane Reviews can inform decision making by considering the distribution of effects in the population and implications for equity. In this webinar, Jennifer Petkovic and Vivian ...
  3. Access to clinical trial data (part 2): The IMPACT Observatory and managing privacy risks

    27 March 2019
    In this webinar, Karmela Krleza-Jeric will summarize the ongoing evaluation of the evolution of culture and practice of various players and of research data repositories regarding the opening and access to clinical trial data conducted by the IMPACT Obser ...
  4. Access to clinical trial data (part 1): An evolving practice

    27 February 2019
    The lack of access to analysable Individual Participant Data (IPD) from clinical trials has a detrimental impact on knowledge creation as well as on producing the reliable evidence needed for evidence-informed decision making. After studying these issues, ...
  5. How to develop and evaluate a Knowledge Translation plan: advice and experiences from Cochrane Child Health Field

    6 March 2019
    This webinar is the first in a series of Knowledge Translation (KT) “The view from here” webinars that share experiences, challenges and good practice from people across the Cochrane community about their KT activities. This webinar looks at how to develo ...