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    Introducción al desarrollo de una revisión Cochrane

    Esta presentación proporciona una introducción sobre el trabajo en Cochrane, incluido el funcionamiento de la organización, el propósito y las características principales de las revisiones Cochrane. Más adelante, repasa la logística necesaria para comenza ...
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    Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

    A team of authors and editors are working to prepare the Handbook for DTA Reviews. As each chapter is completed it will be uploaded to the Cochrane Screening & Diagnostic Test Methods Group  website. The Handbook is planned to have 11 chapters, out of ...
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    Consumer engagement and contribution [videos]

    These short films feature Cochrane consumers, authors and others talking about engaging consumers and the benefits of including the consumer voice in Cochrane's work.  The videos are part of a series made for Cochrane's 20th Anniversary in 2013. ...
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    Cochrane 20 video series

    A series of 20 videos commissioned to celebrate Cochrane's 20th Anniversary focusing on the ideas, achievements and people that have contributed to the organisation's growth since 1993. The series includes videos on the process of producing Coch ...
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    Lay health worker programmes for mother and child health and tuberculosis

    This video shows an example of the results of a Cochrane systematic review, evaluating the effects of lay health workers on health outcomes- a particularly important question for low- and middle-income countries. Explain the findings of a Cochrane systema ...
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    How to use the Cochrane Library

    The Cochrane Library is the main product of Cochrane. It consists of several databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. This resource is a collection of links and materials that will ...
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    Downloadable files

    Systematic reviews, meta-analyses and real world evidence: an introduction

    In this video presentation, Matthias Egger from Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland, gives an introduction to systematic reviews and meta-analysis, based on a real-life clinical example. Recognize the difference be ...
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    Interactive module

    Involving People: A learning resource for systematic review authors

    'How to' guide on engaging consumers & patients in systematic reviews Involving People  is a resource for systematic review editors and authors to support you in getting people involved in the production of your reviews (including Cochrane C ...
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    Cochrane Interactive Learning: Conducting an intervention review

    Developed by world-leading experts, this course provides over 10 hours of self-directed learning on the complete systematic review process for both new and experienced review authors. Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews Interactive mod ...
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    Cochrane Interactive Learning multimedia

    This page provides the multimedia (video, animation, audio) from Cochrane Interactive Learning modules for users who are unable to access them on YouTube. The links to multimedia files are organized by modules and the titles of the module pages in which m ...