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  1. Core principles for dissemination: Introducing Cochrane’s new Dissemination Checklist

    31 October 2019
    Presenting a Cochrane review in a format in which target users find engaging and helps them understand the findings, is important to support the use of Cochrane evidence in decision making. Whether you are developing a Plain Language Summary, blogshot, po ...
  2. RevMan Web: a practical guide for editorial teams

    5 November 2019 to 6 November 2019
    This webinar is for Managing Editors, Assistant Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants, Information Specialists, Copy-Editors and other members of editorial base staff, and is an essential guide to working with reviews that are available in RevM an Web. R ...
  3. 考科藍知識轉譯:中文線上研習會

    6 noviembre 2019
    本研習會基於兩個東南亞考科藍團隊的建議和經驗,著眼於如何開發和傳播考科藍證據及相關素材。 鄺心穎 (Joey Kwong) (考科藍不良反應方法小組共同召集人、考科藍中國前任副主任) 將先介紹考科藍知識轉譯架構,以及在華語國家之應用。 接著,來自考科藍中國網絡及考科藍台灣的代表,將分享知識轉譯的策略。 這次線上研習會是針對所有華語地區,對考科藍、及非考科藍證據合成及知識轉譯工作有興趣的人所舉辦的活動。. 本研習會將以中文(普通話)進行。 報告者 簡歷: 陳杰峰 (Cliff Chen) 是臺北醫學大學考科 ...
  4. Knowledge Translation in Cochrane – Chinese language webinar

    6 November 2019
    This webinar looks at how to develop and disseminate Cochrane evidence and relevant materials based on the advice and experiences from two teams of Cochrane contributors in South East Asia. Joey Kwong, Co-Convenor of Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group ...
  5. Question formulation and protocol development for systematic reviews with network meta-analysis

    18 November 2019
    This is the first webinar in our NMA Learning Live Webinar series covering the development of a ‘PICO’ question, assumptions & how they impact on analysis. The webinar is a 'how to' session with worked examples and is intended for people who ...
  6. Co-production in Action

    22 noviembre 2019
    INVOLVE have published ‘Guidance on Co-producing a Research Project’ which outlines the key principles and features of co-producing research. This webinar shows how these principles and key features find expression in practice – co-production in action. T ...
  7. Stakeholder Involvement in Evidence Synthesis

    26 November 2019
    The involvement of stakeholders in environmental projects has been recognised as critical for ensuring their success and equally for the syntheses of evidence of what works, where, and for whom, providing key benefits and challenges. Neal Haddaway will in ...
  8. MetaInsight: The Complex Review Support Unit (CRSU) network meta-analysis (NMA) web-based app

    3 December 2019
    This is the second webinar in our NMA Learning Live Webinar series, and is hosted by the NIHR-funded Complex Review Support Unit team who have developed a free web—based tool that enables users to run NMAs ( The ses ...
  9. CINeMA – Confidence in network meta-analysis

    16 January 2020
    This is the third webinar in our NMA Learning Live Webinar series, and will discuss one of the methods available on rating the certainty of evidence from NMAs. The CINeMA framework will be presented and the web application will be dem ...
  10. Presenting network meta-analysis results in Summary of Findings Tables

    11 February 2020
    This is the fourth webinar in our NMA Learning Live Webinar series, which will discuss the GRADE approach and show examples from reviews. The current recommendations for SoF tables will also be presented. This session is intended for people who are intere ...