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    Cochrane Register of Studies and importing references in RevMan

    This webinar, which was part of the Cochrane Learning Live programme, demonstrates the web version of the Cochrane Register of Studies, and how this can be used to import references to RevMan from Cochrane, either via EndNote or directly.   Presented by S ...
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    Putting the Power of Cochrane to work for you: Getting the most out of Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange

    This webinar, which is part of Cochrane’s Learning Live webinar series, introduces two powerful tools to help get reviews done better and quicker: Cochrane Crowd: our very own crowd of citizen scientists who are identifying the research we need to produce ...
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    Text mining [webinar series] (Restricted)

    In 2016, the Cochrane Information Specialists' Support Team commissioned Julie Glanville, Associate Director, York Health Economics Consortium to deliver four webinars for Cochrane Information Specialists, focusing on practical applications of text m ...
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    Knowledge synthesis for knowledge users

    In these videos from a  Cochrane Learning Live  webinar delivered in partnership with  GESI: the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative, Dr Andrea C. Tricco discusses the importance of knowledge synthesis, different types of knowledge syntheses and how to s ...
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    Identifying translators to assess and extract data of studies in different languages for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews

    The Cochrane Handbook states that Cochrane Review authors should try to identify and assess all possibly relevant reports of trials irrespective of language, to ensure that all relevant studies are included, and that no language bias is introduced in the ...