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    Social media for Cochranites

    Social media offers a powerful set of tools for disseminating and to allow and encourage engagement with the evidence. This is a set of three presentations on: 1. Sharing Cochrane Reviews through Twitter 2. Engaging at events through social media 3. An in ...
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    Introductory webinar for Managing Editors on using the CrossCheck plagiarism software

    This webinar introduces the CrossCheck plagiarism software. It gives an overview of how CrossCheck can be used to support detection of plagiarism, as well as how it operates.  The webinar is also available as a PDF download. Summarise the purpose of plagi ...
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    Managing Editor Support

    Managing Editors (MEs) of Cochrane Review Groups bear the lion’s share of the burden of Cochrane Reviews’ production. The Cochrane Editorial Unit (CEU) provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to MEs in all aspects of their role within a ...
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    Resources to support Cochrane authors to use EPPI-Reviewer software for study screening, data collection and qualitative and quantitative analysis. EPPI-Reviewer, developed by the EPPI-Centre at University College London, is a recommended web-based tool f ...
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    How to run a webinar

    Interested in using webinars to deliver distance learning? This brief webinar from Cochrane's Trainers Week 2016 offers an introduction to delivering training using webinars.   Hosted by Chris Watts from Cochrane's Learning and Support Departmen ...
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    Cochrane ClassMate [webinar]

    Funded by Cochrane’s Training Innovations Fund, Cochrane ClassMate is a trainer’s toolkit that will enable trainers and educators of evidence based healthcare to use Cochrane micro-tasks to support their course learning objectives. Intially focused on abs ...
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    Downloadable files

    Tips and tools for hosting a webinar

    Organizing a webinar requires a lot of planning and preparation. Below are resources and tips what will help you organize an effective and engaging webinar session.    How to run a webinar  - A brief video with good practice tips on running webinars Prese ...
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    How to create an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review

    This resource is a blog post which provides a step-by-step instruction how to produce an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review. Produce an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review Infographics are visual summaries that can make the results of Coc ...
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    Getting to know EPPI-Reviewer [webinar]

    This webinar is of interest to both new and experienced users of EPPI Reviewer and explains the support that the tool provides for a range of Cochrane authors.  The webinar covers: an introductory overview EPPI Reviewer and how it integrates with Archie a ...
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    Putting the Power of Cochrane to work for you: Getting the most out of Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange

    This webinar, which is part of Cochrane’s Learning Live webinar series, introduces two powerful tools to help get reviews done better and quicker: Cochrane Crowd: our very own crowd of citizen scientists who are identifying the research we need to produce ...