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    How to run a webinar

    Interested in using webinars to deliver distance learning? This brief webinar from Cochrane's Trainers Week 2016 offers an introduction to delivering training using webinars.   Hosted by Chris Watts from Cochrane's Learning and Support Departmen ...
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    Cochrane ClassMate [webinar]

    Funded by Cochrane’s Training Innovations Fund, Cochrane ClassMate is a trainer’s toolkit that will enable trainers and educators of evidence based healthcare to use Cochrane micro-tasks to support their course learning objectives. Intially focused on abs ...
  3. Resource

    Covidence [webinar]: Helping your team get started using Cochrane's new online tool

    Helping your team get started with Covidence Covidence is Cochrane’s new online systematic review production tool, and is free to use for Cochrane authors. Covidence supports import and deduplication of citations, abstract and full text screening, risk of ...
  4. Resource

    How to create an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review

    This resource is a blog post which provides a step-by-step instruction how to produce an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review. Produce an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review Infographics are visual summaries that can make the results of Coc ...
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    Cochrane Classmate: A tool for trainers

    These videos, original part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series, are for those interested in finding out more about Cochrane's exciting new training tool: Classmate.  The webinar is presented by Anna Noel-Storr from the Cochrane Crowd projec ...