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    Archie for Cochrane Review Groups

    The Cochrane Informatics and Knowledge Management Department (IKMD) provides resources to support Cochrane Review Groups in their use of Archie. Their website provides user guides and information on 'publish-when-ready' procedures, as well as co ...
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    Customising workflow templates in Archie

    This recorded webinar gives an overview of how to edit Archie workflow templates, customizing these to suit the way your group works.  The webinar, which is part of a series of support webinars for Managing Editors, gives an overview of customizing templa ...
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    Creating and using customized task email templates in Archie

    This recorded webinar is part of a series providing support for Managing Editors.  It explains the benefits of using customized task email templates in Archie, and provides step-by-step instructions in how to create and use these. Create a customized task ...
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    Generating and using Workflow Reports

    This recorded webinar is part of a series providing support for Managing Editors.  It explains how to generate and make use of five different types of Workflow Reports in Archie: Workflow reports – detailed information on a single workflow Workflow Status ...
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    Conflict of interest and Cochrane Reviews

    Conflict of interest is an important consideration in health care research, but sometimes it is not easy to discern what constitutes a conflict of interest. Cochrane has therefore put together a detailed explanation to help authors, editors, and peer revi ...
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    Managing Editor Support

    Managing Editors (MEs) of Cochrane Review Groups bear the lion’s share of the burden of Cochrane Reviews’ production. The Cochrane Editorial Unit (CEU) provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to MEs in all aspects of their role within a ...
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    Cochrane Statistical Methods Group training course

    In 2010 the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group ran a two day workshop for Cochrane statisticians on advanced issues in meta-analysis techniques.  The course was taught by several experienced statisticians and covered a range of advanced issues in meta-ana ...
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    Copy-editing checklists

    Checklists can be valuable tools in copy-editing of Cochrane Protocols and Reviews. Cochrane Editorial Resource Committee has prepared two documents to help this process. The Pre-copy-editing checklist includes the items that editorial teams should aim to ...
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    The EASE science editors' handbook

    European Association of Science Editors (EASE) has produced a handbook for anyone working in the field of editing, either in print, or digitally.  This resource is the second edition of the handbook, which includes a wide range of subjects, including all ...
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    EQUATOR Network toolkit for editors

    EQUATOR Network is an international initiative that seeks to improve the reliability and value of published health research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting, primarily through the use of robust reporting guidelines. This resource ...