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    Elaboración de un protocolo

    Antes de cada revisión Cochrane es importante planificar los métodos cuidadosamente y para hacerlo se redacta y acuerda un protocolo. Los protocolos son un componente necesario de una revisión Cochrane y están diseñados para evitar la duplicación y reduci ...
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    Reporting Guidelines for Equity-Focused Systematic Reviews: PRISMA-E 2012

    This is a recording of the Cochrane Canada Webinar with Jennifer O’Neill and Vivian Welch from the Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group, on reporting guidelines for systematic reviews with an equity focus. Systematic reviews with an equity focus are ...
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    Writing a great abstract of a Cochrane Review

    This is a recorded Cochrane Australia  webinar with Elaine Beller and Paul Glasziou from the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice at the Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia. Abstracts are a key window on your review – many readers will rely o ...
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    Incorporating GRADE in Cochrane Reviews

    Incorporating the GRADE assessment of quality of evidence in your Cochrane Review may be a challenging task. However, it is important to do it properly, as the GRADE assessment plays a key role in communicating the results of systematic reviews to users. ...
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    Guidelines for reporting healthcare research

    The quality of reporting is crucial for understanding the methods and results of healthcare research and using them in systematic reviews. To improve the quality of study reporting, various guidelines have been developed and published. This resource provi ...
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    Cochrane Style Manual

    The Cochrane Style Manual helps review authors and people responsible for copy-editing to use a consistent style when copy-editing Cochrane Reviews and other documents produced by Cochrane. The current version was released as an online resource in July 20 ...
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    Crystal clear reporting: importance of using PRISMA for systematic reviews

    This is a recording of the  Cochrane Canada Webinar  with David Moher from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and the University of Ottawa, on the importance of reporting guidlines to improve the quality and transparency of health research, and ...
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    EQUATOR Network toolkit for editors

    EQUATOR Network is an international initiative that seeks to improve the reliability and value of published health research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting, primarily through the use of robust reporting guidelines. This resource ...
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    Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR)

    The  T emplate for  I ntervention  D escription and  R eplication (TIDieR) is a checklist and guideline developed to help to improve completeness in the reporting of interventions in research studies. It could also be used by Cochrane authors to ensure a ...
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    Involving consumers in Cochrane reviews: learning from the ACTIVE project

    This webinar tells people more about the  ACTIVE project.   ACTIVE  stands for  A uthors and  C onsumers  T ogether  I mpacting on e V idenc E.   The project is bringing together evidence, information and resources about the active involvement of consumer ...