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  1. Improving GRADE ‘Summary of findings’ tables for Cochrane Reviews: Detailed guidance for the calculation of absolute effect from time-to-event data

    4 December 2018
    In this webinar, Dr Nicole Skoetz, Dr Elvira van Dalen, and Marius Goldkuhle will provide attendees with detailed instructions on how to improve the preparation of GRADE ‘Summary of findings’ tables with regard to time-to-event outcomes. Recent empirical ...
  2. Introduction to new Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (Version 6)

    29 January 2019
    In this webinar, Julian Higgins and James Thomas – Senior Editors of the Version 6 of the Cochrane Handbook – will present the new Handbook, explain how it was developed and how it is organized online and in the printed version (to be published in 2019). ...
  3. An introduction to individual patient data meta-analysis

    20 November 2018
    This webinar is organized by the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group, with support from Cochrane's Membership, Learning and Support Services. Dr Sarah Nevitt from University of Liverpool, UK, will give an introduction to individual patient data (IPD) ...
  4. TaskExchange: a new hub for Cochrane Consumers

    3 December 2018 to 5 December 2018
    This webinar will introduce Cochrane’s TaskExchange platform to Cochrane consumers and patients, carers and other non-scientists who may be interested in being involved in producing Cochrane evidence. The webinar has been co-organised on behalf of the Coc ...