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    Information for Cochrane Learning Live presenters

    This document provides detailed support information for presenters of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series. SOP2- Information for Cochrane Learning Live presenters_10.02.16.docx Providing training N/A Authors Editors Consumers Information Specialists ...
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    How to run a webinar

    Interested in using webinars to deliver distance learning? This brief webinar from Cochrane's Trainers Week 2016 offers an introduction to delivering training using webinars.   Hosted by Chris Watts from Cochrane's Learning and Support Departmen ...
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    How to create an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review

    This resource is a blog post which provides a step-by-step instruction how to produce an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review. Produce an animated video summary of a Cochrane Review Infographics are visual summaries that can make the results of Coc ...
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    Practical methods for handling missing summary statistics in meta-analysis of continuous outcomes

    Meta-analysis requires either appropriate summary statistics or individual participant data to be available. For continuous outcomes, incomplete reporting of the mean and standard deviation (SD) required for meta-analysis potentially introduces bias and i ...
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    Access to clinical trial data (part 1): An evolving practice

    The lack of access to analysable Individual Participant Data (IPD) from clinical trials has a detrimental impact on knowledge creation as well as on producing the reliable evidence needed for evidence-informed decision making. After studying these issues, ...