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    Getting Involved: Becoming a Cochrane Trainer

    Getting Involved Interested in becoming a Cochrane Trainer? This meeting was held for beginners or those interested in getting involved in training with Cochrane, providing an introduction to Cochrane Training, the support available and information about ...
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    Cochrane Trainer's Toolbox

    Cochrane Trainer's Toolbox Help us fill our toolbox! Share your ideas and materials. Have you got a great presentation, exercise or resource that you think other trainers could use? Cochrane's Learning and Support Department is developing a Trai ...
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    Ask the Expert

    Ask the Expert! Trainers' Week offered participants a unique opportunity to ask our panel of experts anything they like about all aspects of being a Cochrane Trainer. Trainers could ask anything they liked about delivering Cochrane learning; whether ...
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    TaskExchange: Information, questions and feedback

    TaskExchange Cochrane’s TaskExchange  is an online platform for better using the global Cochrane community in supporting the production of our reviews, connecting people who need help with their Cochrane reviews with people who have the time and expertise ...
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    Ask the Expert: Questions and Answers

    Ask the Expert: Questions and Answers Thanks to everyone who has asked questions of our exepert panel over the week.  You can view the questions and the answers from our panel below. Didactic questions (answers from Susanne Czachs) Question 1: If the audi ...
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    ACTIVE: Authors and Consumers Together Impacting on eVidencE

    Involving People, the learning resource based on the ACTIVE project is now live.   **Go here to access Involving People**   What is the A CTIVE project? ACTIVE   stands for  A uthors and C onsumers T ogether I mpacting on e V idenc E.   ACTIVE will bring ...
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    Follow-up emails

      1. On the Manage Webinar page, scroll down to the Emails section. 2. Click  Edit  next to Follow-Up Email to Attendees. If you want to send follow-up emails to absentees (registrants who don't show up), click  Edit  next to Follow-Up Email to Absen ...
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    What's in a 'Summary of Findings' table?

    You can find out more about Preparing Summary of Findings [SoF] tables in this  guide from the Cochrane Consumers and Communication group. There's also more comprehensive information on the Cochrane Training  GRADE approach to evaluating the quality ...
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    How Cochrane Interactive Learning is being used

    Cochrane Interactive Learning has been designed to be used as both self-directed online learning, and as part of a blended learning approach, such as combining module content with more advanced learning in workshop settings. Below we will share case studi ...
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    Introduction to GRADE

    This is a series of eight introductory slidecasts about using the GRADE approach to grade the evidence in systematic reviews and create a ‘Summary of findings’ (SoF) table. The slidecasts were prepared and narrated by  Holger Schünemann  and  Nancy Santes ...