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    8.2 Working with protocols and reviews in Archie

    There are a number of functions that Cochrane Information Specialists may use when working with reviews and protocols. A selection are listed below. 8.2.1 Validating reviews and protocols Archie can produce a validation report for individual protocols and ...
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    8.1 Archie features

    You can get help with using Archie for all the features mentioned here. This help is only available after you have logged into Archie. 8.1.1 Organiser, Resources and Search tabs When you open Archie, you will see three tabs- 'Organizer', 'R ...
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    Thanks for your evaluation

    Thank you for evaluating the Cochrane Learning Live webinar. We'll be uploading the accompanying materials from the webinar over the next few days and you will be able to access these through the main Cochrane Learning Live website here. While you ar ...
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    Manual Cochrane de revisiones sistemáticas de intervenciones

    English 简体中文 Official Spanish Translation of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reveiws of Interventions. El Manual Cochrane de revisiones sistemáticas de intervenciones es la guía oficial que describe al detalle el proceso de preparación y mantenimient ...
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    Cochrane 干预措施系统评价手册 中文翻译版

    English Español Official Chinese translation of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions The Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions is the official guide that describes in detail the process of preparing and maintai ...
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    Covidence webinar: Cochrane's new online tool for streamlined review production

    Cochrane Learning Live webinar This webinar, part of the  Cochrane Learning Live  series, is a walk-through of Covidence’s features by Anneliese Arno, Community Manager at Covidence.  Covidence is Cochrane’s new online systematic review production platfor ...
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    Meet the Trainers

    Meet the Trainers Trainers’ Week opened with introductory Meet the Trainers sessions, hosted by Cochrane's Learning and Support Department.  These sessions were an opportunity for us to introduce the week and explain our plans to continue to support ...
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    Getting Involved: Becoming a Cochrane Trainer

    Getting Involved Interested in becoming a Cochrane Trainer? This meeting was held for beginners or those interested in getting involved in training with Cochrane, providing an introduction to Cochrane Training, the support available and information about ...
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    Cochrane Trainer's Toolbox

    Cochrane Trainer's Toolbox Help us fill our toolbox! Share your ideas and materials. Have you got a great presentation, exercise or resource that you think other trainers could use? Cochrane's Learning and Support Department is developing a Trai ...
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    Ask the Expert

    Ask the Expert! Trainers' Week offered participants a unique opportunity to ask our panel of experts anything they like about all aspects of being a Cochrane Trainer. Trainers could ask anything they liked about delivering Cochrane learning; whether ...