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    Information for Cochrane Learning Live presenters

    This document provides detailed support information for presenters of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series. SOP2- Information for Cochrane Learning Live presenters_10.02.16.docx Providing training N/A Authors Editors Consumers Information Specialists ...
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    Eligibility designs

    This lesson is part of an introductory series developed by  Cochrane Screening & Diagnostic Test Methods Group  to support authors in the production of DTA reviews. A full list of currently available or planned lessons is available  here. This lesson ...
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    4.6 More information on scope searches

    Archie provides information about your Group's topic list, and how it relates to the scope of your Group and your reviews. Use of the topic list varies between groups. Some groups populate the list with topic areas within the scope of the Group and l ...
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    8.5 Task Exchange

    Task Exchange is a software platform with the aim of bringing together people who need assistance with some aspect of their Cochrane review, and people who have the time and expertise to help. Task Exchange allows you to: Browse a list of experts you can ...
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    8.4 RevMan

    To use RevMan, you will need to: download RevMan complete the RevMan tutorial (available through the RevMan file that you've downloaded) Cochrane Information Specialists often work with authors on their reviews and they may be responsible for checkin ...
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    8.3 Archie workflows

    A workflow is an ordered sequence of interrelated tasks that need to be completed to achieve a finished product (e.g. a published protocol). The editorial process workflow follows review production from title stage through to the finished review. The aim ...
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    8.2 Working with protocols and reviews in Archie

    There are a number of functions that Cochrane Information Specialists may use when working with reviews and protocols. A selection are listed below. 8.2.1 Validating reviews and protocols Archie can produce a validation report for individual protocols and ...
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    8.1 Archie features

    You can get help with using Archie for all the features mentioned here. This help is only available after you have logged into Archie. 8.1.1 Organiser, Resources and Search tabs When you open Archie, you will see three tabs- 'Organizer', 'R ...
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    Manual Cochrane de revisiones sistemáticas de intervenciones

    Official Spanish Translation of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reveiws of Interventions. El Manual Cochrane de revisiones sistemáticas de intervenciones es la guía oficial que describe al detalle el proceso de preparación y mantenimiento de una revi ...
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    PDF versions of individual Chapters (v5.2) (Restricted)

    The following files are provided for Cochrane contributors to enable easy printing and reading of single chapters of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. The majority of these chapters are from Version 5.1.0 (March 2011) of the H ...