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    Ask the Expert

    Ask the Expert! Trainers' Week offered participants a unique opportunity to ask our panel of experts anything they like about all aspects of being a Cochrane Trainer. Trainers could ask anything they liked about delivering Cochrane learning; whether ...
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    TaskExchange: Information, questions and feedback

    TaskExchange Cochrane’s TaskExchange  is an online platform for better using the global Cochrane community in supporting the production of our reviews, connecting people who need help with their Cochrane reviews with people who have the time and expertise ...
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    Resources to support Cochrane authors to use EPPI-Reviewer software for study screening, data collection and qualitative and quantitative analysis. EPPI-Reviewer, developed by the EPPI-Centre at University College London, is a recommended web-based tool f ...
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    Assessing risk of bias: When the loss to follow up is too high?

    When assessing the risk of bias in studies included in your review, you have to address the issue of incomplete outcome data. Loss to follow up is a key factor that may lead to incomplete outcome data. But how do we know when the loss to follow up is too ...
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    Consumers webinar: Consumers for the Terrified- Exploring new ways of involving consumers in the work of Cochrane

    Cochrane Learning Live webinar This webinar, part of the  Cochrane Learning Live  series, is for anyone interested in sharing and learning about ways of involving consumers in Cochrane.  The webinar consists of three presentations from experts in this are ...
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    Ask the Expert: Questions and Answers

    Ask the Expert: Questions and Answers Thanks to everyone who has asked questions of our exepert panel over the week.  You can view the questions and the answers from our panel below. Didactic questions (answers from Susanne Czachs) Question 1: If the audi ...
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    How to run a webinar

    Interested in using webinars to deliver distance learning? This brief webinar from Cochrane's Trainers Week 2016 offers an introduction to delivering training using webinars.   Hosted by Chris Watts from Cochrane's Learning and Support Departmen ...
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    Presentation Styles [webinar]

    This webinar session from Cochrane Trainers' Week 2016 provided attendees with knowledge and skills to complement their current teaching strategies. The session focused on presentation styles, and different methods of teaching and learning in small a ...
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    Cochrane ClassMate [webinar]

    Funded by Cochrane’s Training Innovations Fund, Cochrane ClassMate is a trainer’s toolkit that will enable trainers and educators of evidence based healthcare to use Cochrane micro-tasks to support their course learning objectives. Intially focused on abs ...
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    Covidence [webinar]: Helping your team get started using Cochrane's new online tool

    Helping your team get started with Covidence Covidence is Cochrane’s new online systematic review production tool, and is free to use for Cochrane authors. Covidence supports import and deduplication of citations, abstract and full text screening, risk of ...