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    7.2 Protocol

    A draft protocol will be submitted within three months of the proposal acceptance, for editorial review.  At this stage that CIS’ are likely to work with authors to draft a search strategy for one of the databases, to be included in the published protocol ...
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    7.3 Review

    Following publication of a protocol a date to run the searches is agreed, if the authors are not running the searches themselves. Depending on how long it has been since the draft strategy was first created, a search may need to be checked and updated as ...
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    7.4 Update

    Reviews may need to be updated for a number of reasons: if new studies are found that could change the conclusions of the review, if there is ongoing uncertainty and new evidence could change practice, if an update has been commissioned by a guideline mak ...
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    7.5 Alternative editorial processes

    There is a fast-track editorial process, for experienced author teams, where the editorial tasks are managed centrally in collaboration with the review group. Cochrane are currently piloting Living Systematic Reviews. LSRs are systematic reviews that are ...
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    7.6 Updating Classification System

    Cochrane are currently implementing an Updating Classification System (UCS) for Cochrane reviews. The idea is to inform readers whether a Cochrane Review is up to date, if it is likely to be updated in the future, or if it does not currently need updating ...
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    Good practice resources for new Cochrane authors

    While working on your Cochrane Protocol and Cochrane Reviews you may find it helpful to use or consult some good practice resources. Below you can find brief descriptions and links to the key resources, including reference sources and standards, software ...
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    Downloadable files

    TaskExchange: a new hub for Cochrane Consumers

    This video, originally part of the Learning Live webinar series, introduces the TaskExchange platform to consumers and patients, carers and other non-scientists who may be interested in being involved in producing Cochrane evidence. TaskExchange is an onl ...
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    8. Cochrane Review Production Tools

    Cochrane editorial and authors teams have several tools to help them with review production: Archie Archie is the repository for Cochrane's documents, contact details, and workflows. It contains data about all the people involved in Cochrane and all ...
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    8.2 Working with protocols and reviews in Archie

    There are a number of functions that Cochrane Information Specialists may use when working with reviews and protocols. A selection are listed below. 8.2.1 Validating reviews and protocols Archie can produce a validation report for individual protocols and ...
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    8.3 Archie workflows

    A workflow is an ordered sequence of interrelated tasks that need to be completed to achieve a finished product (e.g. a published protocol). The editorial process workflow follows review production from title stage through to the finished review. The aim ...