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    Guidelines for reporting healthcare research

    The quality of reporting is crucial for understanding the methods and results of healthcare research and using them in systematic reviews. To improve the quality of study reporting, various guidelines have been developed and published. This resource provi ...
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    How to use the Cochrane Library

    The Cochrane Library is the main product of Cochrane. It consists of several databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. This resource is a collection of links and materials that will ...
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    Bias methods training event

    This set of slide presentation focusing on risk of bias assessments were orginally delivered at the Annual Methods Training event in March 2012.   This advanced level event, which was hosted by the Cochrane Bias Methods Group in conjunction with the meeti ...
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    Cochrane Style Manual

    The Cochrane Style Manual helps review authors and people responsible for copy-editing to use a consistent style when copy-editing Cochrane Reviews and other documents produced by Cochrane. The current version was released as an online resource in July 20 ...
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    Conflict of interest and Cochrane Reviews

    Conflict of interest is an important consideration in health care research, but sometimes it is not easy to discern what constitutes a conflict of interest. Cochrane has therefore put together a detailed explanation to help authors, editors, and peer revi ...
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    Managing Editor Support

    Managing Editors (MEs) of Cochrane Review Groups bear the lion’s share of the burden of Cochrane Reviews’ production. The Cochrane Editorial Unit (CEU) provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to MEs in all aspects of their role within a ...
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    8. Cochrane Review Production Tools

    Cochrane editorial and authors teams have several tools to help them with review production: Archie Archie is the repository for Cochrane's documents, contact details, and workflows. It contains data about all the people involved in Cochrane and all ...
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    10. Professional development

    Workshops and events Take advantage of any training courses of relevance that are provided at your editorial base. Check for events and training opportunities at your local Cochrane Centre’s annual meeting and at the annual Cochrane Colloquium. Cochrane s ...
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    Appendix 3. Example of a report/reference based Specialised Register

    Example of a report/reference based Specialised Register ...
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    Appendix 1. Example of how studies with multiple reports are cited in Cochrane reviews

    Example of how studies with multiple reports are cited in Cochrane reviews ...