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    Chapter 19: Adverse effects

    Guy Peryer, Su Golder, Daniela R Junqueira, Sunita Vohra, Yoon Kong Loke; on behalf of the Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group Key Points: To achieve a balanced perspective, all reviews should try to consider adverse aspects of interventions. A detaile ...
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    Chapter 24: Including non-randomized studies on intervention effects

    Barnaby C Reeves, Jonathan J Deeks, Julian PT Higgins, Beverley Shea, Peter Tugwell, George A Wells; on behalf of the Cochrane Non-Randomized Studies of Interventions Methods Group Key Points: For some Cochrane Reviews, the question of interest cannot be ...
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    Chapter 26: Individual participant data

    Jayne F Tierney, Lesley A Stewart, Mike Clarke; on behalf of the Cochrane Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis Methods Group Key Points: Individual participant data (IPD) reviews are a specific type of systematic review that involve the collection, c ...
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    Part 1: About Cochrane Reviews

    Part 1 addresses various organizational and procedural considerations when undertaking systematic reviews within Cochrane. It comprises the following chapters: Introduction Planning a Cochrane Review Reporting the review Updating the review Overviews of r ...
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