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  1. Stakeholder Involvement in Evidence Synthesis

    26 November 2019
    The involvement of stakeholders in environmental projects has been recognised as critical for ensuring their success and equally for the syntheses of evidence of what works, where, and for whom, providing key benefits and challenges. Neal Haddaway will in ...
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    Chapter 24: Including non-randomized studies on intervention effects

    Barnaby C Reeves, Jonathan J Deeks, Julian PT Higgins, Beverley Shea, Peter Tugwell, George A Wells; on behalf of the Cochrane Non-Randomized Studies of Interventions Methods Group Key Points: For some Cochrane Reviews, the question of interest cannot be ...
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    Chapter 26: Individual participant data

    Jayne F Tierney, Lesley A Stewart, Mike Clarke; on behalf of the Cochrane Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis Methods Group Key Points: Individual participant data (IPD) reviews are a specific type of systematic review that involve the collection, c ...
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    Part 1: About Cochrane Reviews

    Part 1 addresses various organizational and procedural considerations when undertaking systematic reviews within Cochrane. It comprises the following chapters: Introduction Planning a Cochrane Review Reporting the review Updating the review Overviews of r ...
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