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  1. Critical Evaluation of Medical Studies: IP Centre Vienna, Austria

    19 November 2019 to 20 November 2019
    This workshop will be held in German. The aim of this workshop, organised by the Department of Evidence-based Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology in cooperation with Cochrane Austria, is firstly to impart the theoretical and methodical background that is n ...
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    Innovative techniques

    Innovative techniques The links to Cochrane Learning Live webinar recordings and accompanying materials on innovative techiques, tools and methods available for streamlining and improving the quality of the systematic reviews production. Tech enablers for ...
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    Data collection form (for RCTs)

    Here you can download an example form for collecting data from RCTs, available in English & Español. This form is also available in the 'Resources' section of the Cochrane Interactive Learning module 4: Selecting studies and collecting data. ...
  4. Introduction to Cochrane Methodology Workshop- Lund, Sweden

    20 November 2019 to 21 November 2019
    Cochrane Sweden and Cochrane Norway welcome you to a 2-day workshop on basic Cochrane Methodology. Location: The workshop will be held at the University of Lund, Sweden. The exact venue details will be announced later. Participant criteria:  The workshop ...
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    Review summaries in journals

    Review summaries in journals (‘Cochrane Corners’) Republishing Cochrane evidence in journals with or without additional commentary may help keep specialist audiences up to date with the most recent Cochrane evidence.  There are sometimes called: ‘Cochrane ...
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    Using Wikipedia effectively

    Using Wikipedia effectively Wikipedia contains over 36,000 health-related articles and is a free on-line encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it. Human health-related content on Wikipedia is available in over 283 languages and recei ...
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    Policy briefs

    Policy briefs Disseminating evidence to policymakers could include producing: A policy-maker focused, review specific summary: such as the SUPPORT or CRISP summary A ‘policy brief’ which aims to compile evidence for a policy problem through summarizing a ...
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    Videos and Vlogs

    Videos and Vlogs Presenting Cochrane evidence as videos allows the audience to access both visual and audio content. This may help improve retention of information and allow the audience to develop a deeper connection with the evidence. Videos can be uplo ...
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    'Traditional' media & policy briefs

    'Traditional' media (journals, newspapers) & policy briefs Traditional media describes any type of mass communication before the advent of the digital age and includes newspapers (print and online), books, academic journals along with televi ...
  10. The 11th Guideline Development Workshop: focus on GRADE for Intervention: Orlando, USA

    North and South America
    25 September 2019 to 27 September 2019
    About the guideline conference The Guideline Development Workshop is sponsored by the U.S. GRADE network, an entity of the GRADE working group. The U.S. GRADE network mission is to conduct both basic and advanced GRADE workshops to disseminate best practi ...