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    What is KT and how does it apply to Cochrane?

    What is KT and how does it apply to Cochrane?   What do we mean by KT in Cochrane? There are many definitions of the overarching term Knowledge Translation (KT). As we have seen, Cochrane defines Knowledge Translation as the process of supporting the use ...
  2. Advanced Search Skills Workshop: Bern, Switzerland

    9 October 2019 to 11 October 2019
    This three-day course, organised by Cochrane Switzerland, will address the challenges of advanced search strategies using different conceptual approaches and search techniques. It will also introduce text analysis techniques such as text mining to demonst ...
  3. Meta-analysis: Advanced methods using the Stata software- Lausanne, Switzerland

    Short courses
    3 September 2019 to 6 September 2019
    This four-day course, organised by Cochrane Switzerland, is dedicated to the learning of statistical methods of meta-analysis and their implementation in the Stata software. Meta- analysis is key to the synthesis of quantitative data within the framework ...
  4. Improving your training skills: A workshop for Cochrane Trainers

    North and South America
    21 October 2019
        Improving your training skills: A workshop for Cochrane Trainers Monday 21st October; Cochrane Colloquium, Santiago, Chile A good trainer is one who is confident of both content and approach. However, in the same way that our subject matter expertise ...
  5. Elaboration of a Cochrane protocol for a Cochrane systematic review (in Spanish)- Madrid, Spain

    3 July 2019
    This workshop, organised by Cochrane Madrid, is directed towards professionals interested in carrying out a Cochrane systematic review. The workshop will take place at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria – Madrid (Edificio E. Aula 1.10). Live online streamin ...
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    Blogshots (Social media adverts) Blogshots are one image that summarises the results of a Cochrane Review. They are useful for social media, because they give a snapshot of the results and try to entice the reader to find out more. Producing blogshots Coc ...
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    Multimedia Multimedia relates to using a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content that are stored and presented digitally. Using different formats may help reach different audiences depe ...
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    Supporting policy-makers

    Supporting policy-makers     Policymakers and healthcare managers are one of Cochrane’s target audiences. This page summarizes the resources available within Cochrane and provides links to external resources to help support this audience. April 2019: Work ...
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    Knowledge Translation

    Knowledge Translation These learning resources address how Knowledge Translation is being adopted across Cochrane Introducing Knowledge Translation in Cochrane Collection Disseminating Cochrane evidence Collection Priority setting Collection Meaningful pa ...
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    Interactive module

    Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews

    Español About this module Part of the Cochrane Interactive Learning course on Conducting an Intervention Review, this module introduces you to what systematic reviews are and why they are useful. This module describes the various types and preferred forma ...