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    External resources for partnerships

    External resources for partnerships The following resources are also included in the guidance produced by the KT Strategic Partnership Working Group.  They have been produced by external organizations and Cochrane is not responsible for their content. If ...
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    Interacting with the media

    Interacting with the media A STEMPRA (the Science, Technology Engineering and Medicine Public Relations Association) provides a  useful introductory guide to communicating your research to the media. A useful overview of Cochrane for journalists is availa ...
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    Presenting in person

    Presenting in person Conferences, workshops and seminars are a useful way to present the results of a Cochrane Review to a target audience. Conferences also have the additional associated benefit of networking and an opportunity to promote both Cochrane a ...
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    Social media basics

    Social media basics Cochrane's Social Media Policy outlines how those using Cochrane-branded social media accounts should use the accounts and offers guidance on things like the tone of the account and how to how to deal with ‘twitter trolls’. Coming ...
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    Using Facebook effectively

    Using Facebook effectively Facebook is a great way to connect with a specific audience. Before deciding to create a Facebook group, you should decide what audience you want to reach and if creating a Facebook group is the best way to accomplish this. Buil ...
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    Supporting policy-makers

    Supporting policy-makers     Policymakers and healthcare managers are one of Cochrane’s target audiences. This page summarizes the resources available within Cochrane and provides links to external resources to help support this audience. April 2019: Work ...
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    Innovative techniques

    Innovative techniques The links to Cochrane Learning Live webinar recordings and accompanying materials on innovative techiques, tools and methods available for streamlining and improving the quality of the systematic reviews production. Tech enablers for ...
  8. Motivating, Managing and Training Volunteers: Case Studies from Cochrane's Translation Teams

    29 August 2019
    In this webinar, we will provide an overview of Cochrane's largely volunteer-driven translation activities in different languages, and look at two recent research projects: • A case study of the management and training of volunteer translators at Coc ...
  9. Patient and public involvement in research: What, why and how?

    20 August 2019
    The newly formed International PPI Network will be delivering a regular programme of webinars that cover a wide range of issues related to patient and public involvement and engagement in health and social research in a global context. Our webinar series ...
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    Module 1: Evidence-based medicine

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