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    Top tips for using RevMan

    Top tips for using Cochrane Review Manager (RevMan) software About RevMan and Archie Top tips: RevMan Web Getting started Working on your review, tagging and storing versions and submitting for editorial approval Where to look for help Top tips: RevMan 5 ...
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    RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews

    RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews If you are not working on a Cochrane review you should  run RevMan in non-Cochrane mode   for the best performance. General information  RevMan 5 is free of charge for purely academic use. Please cite RevMan 5 whenever its ...
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    RevMan 5 FAQ

    RevMan 5 frequently asked questions     Full guidance on using all functions in RevMan 5 is provided in the user guide. Frequently-asked questions on installation and trouble-shooting are below. What has changed in RevMan 5.4? Known issues in RevMan 5 Cus ...
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    CoI Policy flowcharts The flowcharts below help guide you through how to apply the CoI Policy for Cochrane Library Content (2020) and decide whether a particular interest breaches the policy. If after looking at these flowcharts you still have any concern ...
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    CoI Policy for Cochrane Groups

    Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Groups An official Cochrane policy. Last updated June 2014. This policy, and Cochrane's policy relating to Cochrane Reviews has been revised and reorganized into two parts: one for the policy for Cochrane Grou ...
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    Quick guide

    CoI Policy for Cochrane Library Content (2020)- a quick guide for authors This quick guide is intended to give an overview of authorship requirements for the CoI Policy for Cochrane Library Content (2020) and should be used in conjunction with the full po ...
  7. What's new and what's next in Covidence

    5 October 2020
    Covidence is the primary screening and data extraction tool for Cochrane authors. In this webinar, an overview of Covidence will be provided for anyone who's new to the platform, followed by a walkthrough of two main feature sets. The organisation ad ...
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    Engagement tactics for live online learning sessions

    We're happy to invite you to a virtual workshop on 'Engagement tactics for live online learning'. Watch a brief screencast explaining the purpose and the format of the workshop. In this workshop, Chris Watts and Dario Sambunjak from Cochran ...
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    Start here

    Start here What is conflict of interest? A conflict of interest (COI) is a set of conditions in which professional judgement concerning a primary interest (such as patients' welfare or the validity of research) is unduly influenced (consciously or un ...
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    Cochrane’s new Conflict of Interest Policy – what you need to know

    Cochrane’s new Conflict of Interest Policy comes into effect on the 14th October, 2020. These videos, orginially part of a webinar, give an overview of the key changes to the policy, how it will be rolled out, plus a review of the activities and resources ...