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    CoI policy Cochrane Library

    CoI Policy for Cochrane Library Content (2020) Applies to any Cochrane title registered after October 14, 2020, or any updates where work begins after October 14, 2020. An official Cochrane policy. Last updated March 2020 1. Introduction 2. Principles 3. ...
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    CoI Policy: Frequently asked questions   1. Policy implementation 2. Funding of reviews 3. Financial interests 4. Non-financial interests 5. Clinical studies 6. Living Systematic Reviews 7. Restrictions on first/last authors 8. Timelines 9. Responsibiliti ...
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    Network meta-analysis on disconnected evidence networks: What can be done?

    In the absence of head-to-head randomised controlled trials (RCTs), network meta-analysis (NMA) can compare treatment effects across a network of connected RCTs. However, RCT evidence for interventions of interest can be disconnected or provide only highl ...
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    Example documents from prioritisation processes

    Example documents from prioritisation processes This page contains some examples of documents from previous Cochrane priority setting processes or from external organisations. We hope these provide some guidance and ideas for different steps in the priori ...
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    “Narrative synthesis” of quantitative effect data in Cochrane reviews: current issues and ways forward

    These videos, originally part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series, are aimed at review authors and editors, and are about improving transparent reporting of synthesis without meta-analysis of effect sizes. In these videos, the presenters give an ...
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    RevMan Web: Problem Reporting Form

    Review title * Description of the problem Describe the error, defect or problem experienced and describe what you had expected to experience instead Screenshot Files must be less than 2 MB. Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt rtf pdf doc docx odt ppt ...
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    Priority setting

    Identifying reviews that users need (priority setting) Below you will find a series of case studies of priority setting in action from a range of Cochrane Review Groups.  If you have examples of Prioritisation work that you would like to share, please con ...
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    Supporting the use of evidence

    Supporting the use of Cochrane evidence Many Cochrane groups have already developed training and resources to help their target audiences understand Cochrane evidence and how to use it in practice. Here are case studies from where Cochrane contributors sh ...
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    CoI Policy

    Conflict of Interest (CoI) Policy   ► The  Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content  is planned to come into effect on October 14, 2020 and will apply to any titles that were registered, or where the decision was made to update, after the ...
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    Training videos

    CoI Policy training videos   Watch the recordings of previous sessions Cochrane’s new Conflict of Interest Policy – what you need to know  [March 2020] Ruth Foxlee, Editorial & Methods Department Graham Smith, Editorial & Methods Department Karla ...