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  1. RoB 2 Domain 3: Bias due to missing outcome data

    4 August 2020
    This is the fourth webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, and will explain how to use the third domain of the RoB 2: bias due to missing outcome data. We will explain when bias arises and introduce the signalling questions for the domain. We will cove ...
  2. RoB 2 Domain 4: Bias in measurement of the outcome

    17 September 2020
    This is the fifth webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, and will explain how to use the fourth domain of the RoB 2: bias in measurement of the outcome. We will discuss the signalling questions, including whether the method of measuring the outcome wa ...
  3. RoB 2 Domain 5: Bias in selection of the reported result

    15 October 2020
    RoB 2 assessments are directed at a specific result. This is the sixth webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, and will explain how to use the fifth domain of the RoB 2: bias in selection of the reported result, a type of reporting bias. We will explai ...
  4. Reaching an overall RoB judgement and incorporating RoB assessment into analysis and interpretation

    11 November 2020
    This is the seventh webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, which will discuss how an overall RoB judgement is reached and how this can be incorporated in the analysis. Examples will be used to illustrate some of the possibilities. This session is inte ...
  5. RoB 2 Bias in other types of studies: cluster-randomised and cross-over

    8 December 2020
    This is the eighth webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, which will explain how to assess risk of bias in cluster randomised trials and crossover trials. The additional signalling questions will be presented, along with worked examples. This session ...
  6. RoB 2: Editorial considerations

    12 January 2021
    This is the ninth webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, which will discuss good practice in reporting of reviews using RoB 2. Common issues will also be highlighted and addressed and exemplar reviews will be presented. We will demonstrate how RevMan ...
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    Network meta-analysis (NMA)

    Network meta-analysis (NMA) Comparing multiple treatments by using both direct comparisons of interventions within randomized controlled trials and indirect comparisons across trials based on a common comparator. NMA- interactive learning Learning module ...
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    RMW development

    RevMan Web development   New features New features are released in RevMan Web every two weeks. You can see what the review production team is working on now, what is planned for the current quarter and which problems we know are important to solve in the ...
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    Identifying Effective Components of Complex Interventions: Component network meta-analysis

    These videos, originally part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series, introduce component network meta-analysis for the synthesis of complex interventions that can be considered a sum of component parts. The presenters begin by discussing the limita ...
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    RevMan 5 and RevMan Web- important updates for Editorial Staff

    These videos, originally part of a webinar specifically for editorial staff, look at the final version of RevMan 5 which is due to be released at the end of April 2020. The presenters also take a look at the latest developments in RevMan Web. Finally, the ...