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    Licensing and Permission

    Licensing and Permission to use RevMan RevMan is a complex application allowing free use for any non-commercial projects. The commercial use requires a license (all the income from the commercial licenses is re-applied to producing Cochrane tools and evid ...
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    RevMan Web: Problem Reporting Form

    Review title * Description of the problem Describe the error, defect or problem experienced and describe what you had expected to experience instead Screenshot Files must be less than 2 MB. Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt rtf pdf doc docx odt ppt ...
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    RevMan Web Suggestion Form

    Title of the suggestion * Keep it short but informative, e.g. 'Another way to move study from included to excluded' Suggestion description Describe your suggestion in free text including why it is needed and how important it is Suggestion as val ...
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    Reasons for downloading RevMan 5

    RevMan is free of charge if used for purely academic use. However, it will be helpful to have some very basic information about the purpose of your planned use of RevMan 5. This is for Cochrane internal information only, to help us consider potential futu ...
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    RM5 License Information Form: confirmation

    Thank you for your inquiry! You should receive a response from our team within two working days. Go back to the RevMan collection. ...
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    RevMan 5 License Information Form

    This form is for those requiring a commercial licence for RevMan 5. RevMan 5 is free for academic users and, for them, no licence is required. If you are an academic user, please complete this form and you will then be directed to a link to download the s ...
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    Sign up to edit your review in RevMan Web

    This form is for registered authors only. Please do not submit this form unless you have a title accepted by a Cochrane or Campbell review group. To submit a title proposal for a Cochrane review, find out more about becoming a Cochrane author. Please fill ...
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    RM5 for non-Cochrane reviews

    Using RevMan 5 for non-Cochrane reviews If you are not using RevMan 5 to write a Cochrane review, please ensure you are running RevMan in Non-Cochrane mode for optimal performance. This allows RevMan 5 to run as a standalone product which does not attempt ...
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    Archie Archie is Cochrane's central database for managing contact details and documents. Archie enables Cochrane Review Groups to manage their portfolio of reviews and deliver them for publication in the Cochrane Library. Most Cochrane contributors d ...
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    Core software for Cochrane Reviews

    Core software for Cochrane Reviews Software tools to help you in various stages of your systematic review production. Review Manager (RevMan) Collection Covidence Collection GRADEpro GDT Webinar EPPI-Reviewer Collection Archie Guidance ...