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    Public Participation Impact: the other PPI

    When it comes to knowing the impact of research, there are useful and accepted ways to conceptualize it. Similarly, there are a number of approaches that help us to understand whether Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) has been done effectively. Howev ...
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    International PPI Network: Learning Live webinar series

    Welcome to this series of  Cochrane Learning Live  webinars, all dedicated to the topic of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in health and social care research. PPI is a rapidly growing, important global movement aspiring to produce better and more rel ...
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    Consumer involvement

    Consumer involvement Here you can find the links to Cochrane Learning Live webinar recordings and accompanying materials on involving consumers in production of systematic reviews. Public Participation Impact: the other PPI [January 2020] Eddy Nason, Assi ...
  4. Qualitative evidence synthesis (QES) and GRADE-CERQual- Melbourne, Australia

    Asia and the Pacific
    26 March 2020
    This course, organised by Cochrane Australia, covers the steps involved in conducting systematic reviews of primary qualitative research following Cochrane methods. It is aimed at reviewers working on systematic reviews of qualitative evidence. It will in ...
  5. How to Conduct a Cochrane Systematic Review: Columbus, OH, USA

    North and South America
    19 March 2020 to 20 March 2020
    This intensive, 2-day workshop co-hosted by Cochrane Eyes and Vision U.S.Satellite and the Ohio State University College of Optometry will guide participants through the steps of developing a systematic review using the latest Cochrane methodology. It wil ...
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    Network meta-analysis: Learning Live webinar series

    Welcome to this series of five Cochrane Learning Live webinars, all dedicated to network meta-analysis.  We are pleased to be joined throughout the series by leading experts in this field, and you can find out more about each of the five sessions and sign ...
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    Learning Live webinars

    Learning Live A series of monthly webinars open to everyone. Here you can sign up for an upcoming webinar or access our archive of recordings. Upcoming webinars: January 31, 2020 Building trust and sharing power for co-creation in Aboriginal health resear ...
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    Core methods

    Core methods Here you can find the links to Cochrane Learning Live webinar recordings and accompanying materials covering core methods in systematic reviews of interventions. CINeMA – Confidence in network meta-analysis *NMA webinar series*  [January 2020 ...
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    CINeMA – Confidence in network meta-analysis

    These videos, originally part of the NMA Learning Live Webinar series, discuss one of the methods available on rating the certainty of evidence from NMAs. The CINeMA framework is presented and the web application is demonstrated throu ...
  10. Writing a systematic review workshop: Cork, Ireland

    15 June 2020 to 16 June 2020
    This workshop, organised by Cochrane Ireland, provides authors at the beginning of the Cochrane systematic review process with an in-depth understanding of how Cochrane reviews are structured. It offers an insight to the development of a Cochrane protocol ...