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    10.S1 Supplementary material: Statistical algorithms in Review Manager 5.1

    Statistical algorithms in Review Manager 5.1 August 2010 [PDF] 99KB   ...
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    III.S1 Supplementary material: Considerations and recommendations for figures in Cochrane reviews: graphs of statistical data

    Considerations and recommendations for figures in Cochrane reviews: graphs of statistical data December 2003; updated February 2008 [PDF] 104KB   ...
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    Interactive module

    Module 11: Health equity in systematic reviews

    About this module Part of the Cochrane Interactive Learning course on Conducting an Intervention Review, this module will give you an introduction to health equity considerations when planning and conducting a systematic review.  60 minutes What you can e ...
  4. Developing a Protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review- Penang, Malaysia

    Asia and the Pacific
    17 November 2020 to 19 November 2020
    This workshop, organised by Cochrane Malaysia, is for individuals that are in the process of or are considering authoring a Cochrane systematic review. It is most suited to authors who already have registered title, but authors who have not yet identified ...
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    Downloadable files

    GRADE approach to rate the certainty of evidence from network meta-analysis and Summary of findings tables

    These videos, originally part of the NMA Learning Live Webinar series, discuss the GRADE approach and show examples from reviews. The current recommendations for SoF tables are also presented. The videos are intended for people who are interested in under ...
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    Interactive module

    Módulo 11: Equidad en salud

    Acerca de este módulo Como parte del curso Formación Interactiva de Cochrane sobre Cómo realizar una revisión sobre intervenciones, este módulo proporciona una introducción a las consideraciones de equidad en salud al planificar y realizar una revisión si ...
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    Licensing and Permission

    Licensing and Permission to use RevMan RevMan is a complex application allowing free use for any non-commercial projects. The commercial use requires a license (all the income from the commercial licenses is re-applied to producing Cochrane tools and evid ...
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    Downloadable files

    No Choice of Outcomes About us Without us!

    Are you passionate about using patient important outcomes in research? Do you want to learn how agreeing such outcomes with key stakeholders leads to the development of a core outcome set- helping reduce waste and improving the quality of research? In the ...
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    RevMan 5 FAQ

    RevMan 5 frequently asked questions     Full guidance on using all functions in RevMan 5 is provided in the user guide. Frequently-asked questions on installation and trouble-shooting are below. What has changed in RevMan 5.4? Known issues in RevMan 5 Cus ...
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    RM5 for non-Cochrane reviews

    Using RevMan 5 for non-Cochrane reviews If you are not using RevMan 5 to write a Cochrane review, please ensure you are running RevMan in Non-Cochrane mode for optimal performance. This allows RevMan 5 to run as a standalone product which does not attempt ...