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    Chapter 23: Including variants on randomized trials

    Julian PT Higgins, Sandra Eldridge, Tianjing Li Key Points: Non-standard designs, such as cluster-randomized trials and crossover trials, should be analysed using methods appropriate to the design. If the authors of studies included in the review fail to ...
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    Chapter 24: Including non-randomized studies on intervention effects

    Barnaby C Reeves, Jonathan J Deeks, Julian PT Higgins, Beverley Shea, Peter Tugwell, George A Wells; on behalf of the Cochrane Non-Randomized Studies of Interventions Methods Group Key Points: For some Cochrane Reviews, the question of interest cannot be ...
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    Chapter 25: Assessing risk of bias in a non-randomized study

    Jonathan AC Sterne, Miguel A Hernán, Alexandra McAleenan, Barnaby C Reeves, Julian PT Higgins Key Points: The Risk Of Bias In Non-randomized Studies of Interventions (ROBINS-I) tool is recommended for assessing the risk of bias in non-randomized studies o ...
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    Chapter 26: Individual participant data

    Jayne F Tierney, Lesley A Stewart, Mike Clarke; on behalf of the Cochrane Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis Methods Group Key Points: Individual participant data (IPD) reviews are a specific type of systematic review that involve the collection, c ...
  5. Evaluating knowledge translation

    2 November 2020 to 1 December 2020
    This two-part webinar series is for anyone interested in evaluating the difference you are making by coproducing, disseminating or advocating for Cochrane evidence. It will be especially useful for people who have knowledge translation (KT) work that they ...
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    RevMan 5 Problem Reporting Form

    This form is used for submitting problem reports about RevMan 5 to the Community Support Team. We are not able to provide support for methodological or statistical issues. Before reporting a problem, please check that you are using the latest version of R ...
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    Referrals to the Conflict of Interest Panel

    Referrals to the Conflict of Interest Panel Cochrane's  Research Integrity Editors and the Conflict of Interest (CoI) Panel  provide advice on implementation of the CoI policy for Cochrane Library Content  and arbitrate potential policy breaches. For ...
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    RI Editors and CoI Panel

    Research Integrity Editors and the Conflict of Interest (CoI) Panel The Research Integrity Editors and the Conflict of Interest (CoI) Panel arbitrate on potential breaches of the Cochrane Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content and provid ...
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    Commercial Sponsorship Policy

    Commercial Sponsorship Policy (2014) Cochrane policy on commercial sponsorship of Cochrane Reviews and Cochrane Groups An official Cochrane policy. Last updated March 2014 This policy took effect in 2014 and still applies to Cochrane Protocols, Reviews, a ...
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    DoI form for other contributors

    Submitting a Declaration of interest form (for other contributors) The following instructions apply to Declaration of Interest for Cochrane roles. See Declaration of Interest forms: instructions for authors if you are a Cochrane author and need to complet ...